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Welcome to the lustre of luxury.

Nowhere is the abundance of the pearl more seductively in evidence than in the name of the House of Schoeffel. These premises hold the secret of capturing all the fascination and allure of a unique world: the mystic realm of the pearl.

Schoeffel cordially invites you to discover this world with four breathtaking collections:
›The Collier Collection‹, ›The Creative Collection‹, ›The Classic Collection‹ and ›The Couture Collection‹. These collections form the four ›Cs‹ of Schoeffel pearls.

Each of these exquisite collections speaks entirely for itself and presents the pearl in its own inimitably luxurious way. Because every single one is the result of an entrepreneurial ethos based on enthusiasm, commitment and exclusivity that is devoted to the crafting of items of beauty. United by the promise of a brand cherished by women all over the world in their love of pearls.

The House of Schoeffel was founded by Wilhelm Schoeffel in 1921 as a pearl trading business. Now in its fourth generation, the family-owned company has succeeded in attaining a position of international importance on the exclusive market of exquisite pearls and in elevating Schoeffel to the status of a highly acclaimed luxury brand.

Under the management of Till Schoeffel, the company’s success story, which combines entrepreneurial tradition with individual passion, is being resolutely pursued. It is passion that inspires women’s enthusiasm for the inimitable signature of Schoeffel all over the world: for pearls of spectacular beauty and impeccable quality as well as for breathtaking collections of pearl-inspired jewellery.

With enthusiastic people, exquisite creations and a competence that has spanned almost a whole century, Schoeffel accordingly proceeds to write the next chapter of its success story: Pure luxury. Since 1921.