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Vacheron Constantin

Founded in Geneva in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is the world’s oldest watch manufacture, which exists without interruption for more than 250 years. Like the house’s founders, today the men and women at Vacheron Constantin are proud to uphold the lofty technical standards of the haute horlogerie. As a full-fledged manufacture, Vacheron Constantin manages the entire production process in house.

This includes research and development of the movements, the aesthetics, and all the steps involved in design and manufacture of the watch components, together with final assembly, carried out completely by hand. While being the worthiest representatives of the Hallmark of Geneva, the desirable seal within the haute horlogerie for origin and superior quality, Vacheron Constantin strives to develop and produce extraordinary timepieces which embody the brand’s three fundamental principles: fully mastered technique, harmonious and inspired aesthetics and exquisite perfection.