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    Emporio Armani watches

    Emporio Armani watches

    Emporio Armani品牌代表着身份和性感。 不管是时装,墨镜,香氛或古龙水,Armani的名字一直领先于各竞争对手,象征着财富和影响力。 其腕表系列也非常著名。 Exchange Armani是隶属Emporio Armani的一个男士和女士腕表系列品牌,在世界各地拥有几百家零售店。 Armani的男士腕表拥有经典的设计,同时别具一格的外观让您轻松和衣橱里的时装搭配。 拥有不锈钢材质或者真皮表带和防水功能。 Armani的广告宣传毫无例外地均为英俊的男士注视着手中的产品。 找到腕表不是难事。关键是找到一款能够完全满足您要求的腕表。 从方形表盘,到罗马数字,真皮表带,不锈钢材质,或者拥有多时区时间显示的腕表,Armani的选择应有尽有。

    Armani拥有悠久的历史,品牌历程由高端时装开始,接着拥有配件,香氛及性感内衣。 款式应有尽有供您挑选,每款都为创意独特的精品。 你已经有主意要选择哪款腕表了吗? 一如既往,你可以联系Armani的专业人士提供您关于产品的更多信息和甄选建议。 我们也别忘了女士们。 Emporio Armani的女士腕表系列和其它品牌相比绝对更加独特。 由于时尚潮流和时尚配件不断改变,女士们可能在选择配件方面有所困惑。 Armani为年轻的女孩们精选了十几款腕表。 将高端时尚首饰和腕表成功结合。 佩戴Emporio Armani的腕表,您可享受选择不同风格的表带所带来的乐趣,比如一款镶有珠宝的手环状表带就极具吸引力。 部分腕表款式尽显女性柔性,部分腕表能充分展示女性可信赖感。 从小型淡蓝色精致腕表到玫瑰金厚重腕表,您一定会找寻到一款您想要的。 让您的腕表搭配一款Armani皮带或手提包;在Armani的品牌世界里选择一应俱全。 为您的个性选择相应的一款Armani手表,戴着它共享您不同的心情。 如果您是一名女性但想建立更勇猛有力的形象,您可选择一款男士腕表或者选择配有银色表带的女士腕表。 Armani自品牌于1980年创立以来做出了很大的改变。 品牌与时俱进。 为了跟上改变的时尚潮流,复古和新潮结合,以符合消费者的品牌。这也是品牌信奉的价值:随时随地为您提供您想要的产品。


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    Order Emporio Armani watches online

    You can easily order your new Emporio Armani watch via our webshop. We offer both men’s and women’s watches, which you can easily filter to sort by price and color. See at a glance whether the model of your choice is available online, and order an Emporio Armani watch directly. You can complete your order by making a payment via iDEAL, PayPal or credit card.

    Order your new Emporio Armani watch before 3 PM (GMT+1) and receive it tomorrow. At Gassan you pay no shipping costs.

    Emporio Armani watches in our product range

    The Emporio Armani style is casual yet refined. The same goes for both the clothing and the accessories in the collection. Designer Giorgio Armani believes in a combination of innovation and tradition, and also bases his watches on this concept. Emporio Armani watches are aimed at the modern man and woman who dress in a casual and refined style. Modern designs contrast with the classical style, but still achieve a modern whole. The watches are attuned to the seasonal clothing collections, reflecting this with matching prints and patterns.

    Emporio Armani ladies’ watches

    Emporio Armani watches for women are characterized by their modest size: most watches measure between 26 mm and 34 mm. The most popular colors are gold, silver and rose gold, and are combined with a mother-of-pearl dial with Roman numerals. These elegant watches match every outfit so they can be worn on a variety of occasions.

    Emporio Armani men’s watches

    For men, the Emporio Armani collection equals trendy and modern watches with a classic look. High-quality materials are used, which in combination with clear lines and a unique color mix ensure a special collection of men’s watches. Emporio Armani men’s watches are very suitable for men who like to wear a beautiful yet not too extreme watch.

    About Emporio Armani

    Giorgio Armani is the most successful Italian fashion designer. The 1934-born designer founded Armani in 1975 and has developed the brand – with the iconic eagle as trademark – into an empire for the last 40 years. Armani started out as a fashion brand, but today it is active in many industries: the company’s products include perfume, designer vases, chocolate, furniture and watches. Giorgio always strives to design timeless and elegant fashion, and the watch series is no exception. The Armani empire now has revenues of about 1.6 billion euros per year.

    Gassan is an official dealer of Emporio Armani

    Gassan Diamonds is an official dealer of Emporio Armani watches. In our webshop and Boutiques in Amsterdam we offer you an extensive collection of men’s and women’s watches from the world-famous design brand. We usually deliver all watches from stock. You can make a return within 14 days, and every watch has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Questions about our Emporio Armani collection?

    Would you like to know more about Emporio Armani watch collections? We are happy to help. You can contact us via:

    Chat: Click on the chat function
    Telephone number: +31 (0)20 622 5333
    E-mail: online@gassan.com
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