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    IWC watches

    IWC watches

    激流和峭壁让莱茵大瀑布成为世界著名的自然景观。 在几公里之外的沙夫豪森,莱茵河沿着万国表(IWC)工厂的窗户边缓缓流过。 企业的故事在140年前开始,至今仍然在书写历史。 美国工程师和钟表匠佛罗伦汀‧阿里奥斯托‧琼斯(Florentine Ariosto Jones)在他27岁的时候成为了E. Howard钟表公司的总经理,这是一家位于波士顿的全美钟表制造界领军人。 当时大多数人都打算在自己居住的城市发家致富。 而琼斯选择了另一条道路。 他飞跃大西洋来到了瑞士,当时瑞士的工资还不是很高。 他的目标是将美国的先进生产技术与瑞士制表匠的精湛技艺结合在一起,从而为美国市场制造高品质的手表。

    一个叫海因里希‧摩泽尔(Heinrich Moser)的人把琼斯带进了沙夫豪森的钟表界。 当时沙夫豪森已经具有很长的钟表制作传统。 据记载的第一个钟是于1409年在距莱茵河十公里以外的Rheinau修道院制成的。 为了沙夫豪森的圣约翰教堂所制造。 据官方记载,1583年时沙夫豪森已经有钟表匠了,当时也是著名的哈布莱希特家族钟表制造商的基地,他们为斯特拉斯堡大教堂制造了非凡的天文钟。 琼斯的计划是按照当地的技艺标准大量制造高品质手表,走向世界。


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    Discover the watch families of IWC Schaffhausen

    The luxury watches of IWC are divided into six series: Pilot’s Watches, Portugieser, Engineer, Aquatimer, Da Vinci and Portofino. Each and every one of the watch families is characterized by unprecedentedly detailed craftsmanship. From robust watches for everyday use to complex high-performance watches for special occasions, discover which timepieces are right for you.

    IWC Pilot’s Watches

    The model series Pilot’s Watches is inspired by one of the most important inventions of the 20th century: the airplane. The series consists of more than 20 different watch models that are named after famous pilots and legendary airplanes. The watches stand out because of their robust look and details inspired on aircraft cockpit instruments. The Pilot’s Watches series combines classic elements of watches from the 1930s with today's state-of-the-art technology.

    Discover the IWC Pilot Watches

    IWC Portugieser

    The IWC Portugieser was introduced in the early 1930s as a tailor-made watch for two Portuguese merchants. Today, Portugieser timepieces retain their international allure and are known for their special craftsmanship and Swiss precision. This classic-looking watch shows the hours in Arabic numerals and is provided with rare complications such as a perpetual calendar, a moon phase display and a minutes repeater. The Portugieser collection has luxury enclosures made of platinum, stainless steel and red gold.

    Discover the IWC Portugieser

    IWC Engineer

    With the Engineer, IWC delivers a technically oriented watch series. Ingenuity, craftsmanship and a combination of complications offer a broad spectrum of timepieces. The automatic models are among IWC’s best-known watches: the modest design of this timepiece contrasts with the unique magnetic field protection. The Engineer Constant Force is an extremely precise watch thanks to its innovative tourbillon. The watch is made of platinum and ceramics, and contains an impressive manufacture caliber with a power reserve of four days. The dial also shows a double moon view, one for the southern and one for the northern hemisphere.

    IWC Aquatimer

    The collection of a Swiss watch manufacturer is not complete without a special high-quality diving watch. From the Expedition Charles Darwin – made of bronze – to the Deep Three with its mechanical depth gauge, Aquatimer models are produced with expert precision and equipped with the most advanced complications. The Automatic 2000 is known worldwide as the figurehead of the Aquatimer collection. The watch is used by professional divers because the ingenious timepiece continues to function at up to 2000 meters depth.

    Discover the IWC Aquatimer

    IWC Da Vinci

    Thanks to its elegant tonneau housing, the Da Vinci is an extravagant watch in the round shape-dominated range of IWC Schaffenhausen. The timepieces are characterized by Swiss precision and skill and sophisticated complications. In addition to the tonneau model, the Da Vinci collection also offers vintage watches with round housings. These elegant timepieces feature complications such as mechanical chronograph calibers, leap year markings and perpetual calendars. Take a look at the complete collection and discover the variety of Da Vinci models.

    Discover the IWC Da Vinci

    IWC Portofino

    IWC Portofino: elegant timepieces with a picturesque name. This watch family of the International Watch Company is named after an idyllic Italian village and houses many haute watches in various styles: from a sober version with only two hands to a watch with automatic manufacture caliber and diamond inlaid dial, all watches from the IWC Portofino collection stand for luxurious durability, Swiss craftsmanship and an eye for detail.

    Discover the IWC Portofino


    Discover the exclusive watches of IWC Schaffhausen.

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