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    Longines watches

    Longines watches

    浪琴(Longines)由Ernest Francillon在1832年创立。 这一奢侈腕表品牌的第一家工厂设在瑞士的圣依米耶(Saint-Imier)镇。 浪琴的历史要追溯到1830年。 品牌的标志极为有名,是钟表制造商中使用的最古老的标志。 目前浪琴隶属斯沃琪集团。 品牌最著名的要数其"Aviators"飞行员腕表。 这款腕表的诞生归功于浪琴总监和Charles Lindbergh间的个人友谊。 Lindbergh在一次泛大西洋的飞行后产生了为飞行员制造腕表的想法。 此种手表必须帮助飞行员导航。 当时Lindbergh研发出的特殊性能如今还存在并继续生产。

    浪琴很快地进入体育界。 强有力的技术和丰富专业知识让品牌与奥运会建立了合作关系。 自1952年的奥斯陆奥运会之后,浪琴变成为官方的时间确定,注册和显示的品牌。 但品牌不满足于此。 浪琴也参与了其他诸多体育赛事。 在体操,滑雪和马术领域都有品牌的参与。 浪琴为各种时新体育赛事负责计时: 如世界杯,欧洲杯,奥运会以及CSIO马术障碍赛及世界各地的马展。 品牌还经常参与一级方程式赛车及环法自行车赛。 浪琴腕表获得了各种奖项,成为钟表市场中最有价值的品牌。


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    Long tradition of Longines excellent quality watches

    Since its foundation in 1832, the Longines factory has been in operation at Saint-Imier in Switzerland. The logo, an hourglass with wings, stands proudly on the facade. Together with the company name it is a quality seal, a guarantee for the excellent quality of the watches. The company employs the world’s best watchmakers, who have summed up the essence of the brand in five series. Get acquainted with the exclusive Longines watches and discover why this is the longest-registered brand of watches in the world. Classic, elegant, and extraordinarily precise: this is what Longines stands for.

    Longines Elegance watches

    Longines Elegance

    Discover the sophistication of Longines Elegance watches and let yourself be enchanted by their harmonious lines. The timeless sophistication of the watches emerges in eight brilliant models: DolceVita, PrimaLuna, Symphonette, La Grande Classique de Longines, Présence, Flagship, Longines Lyre and Agassiz.  Each watch is a technical masterpiece that will elegantly accompany you on every occasion.

    Longings Watchmaking Tradition watches

    Longines Watchmaking Tradition

    The mechanical watches from the Longines Watchmaking Tradition series are full of character and charm. The many innovations of the watchmaker come to life in the Watchmaking Tradition and have made the Longines logo a symbol of the elegance and expertise in Swiss watchmaking. At Gassan we would like to show you the famous collections of Longines, such as the Master, the Conquest Classic and the Saint-Imier.

    Longines Equestrian watches

    Longines Equestrian

    The Swiss brand Longines has had a strong connection with equestrian sports since 1878. The company produced a special chronograph with a jockey engraved in it. Equestrian models are permeated with innovation, in line with the Longines tradition. The elements of the timepieces are inspired by old watches and the modern elements typical of contemporary equestrian sports. The various models in the series feature many luxurious details as a tribute to Longines’ passion for equestrian sports.

    Longines Sport watches

    Longines Sport

    Longines’ Sports Series is visibly inspired by the brand's close bond with the sports world. The watches embody this connection through their innovative yet refined creations. They illustrate the quest for performance that Longines strives for in every watch. Sports watches are elegant and offer its wearers exceptional technical features. Longines Sports Watches are worn by famous athletes like Olympic gymnastics champion Kochei Uchimura.

    Longings Heritage watches

    Longines Heritage

    A special collection of watches as a legacy of 180 years of elegant and aesthetic luxury; Longines Heritage watches combine the civilization of the past and the technical precision of modern times. The Heritage series embodies the essence of Longines’ winged hourglass and its charm makes it one of the brand’s most popular series.

    Longines Heritage

    Longines Flagship


    Longines Flagship

    Longines Hydroconquest


    Longines Hydroconquest

    Longines Master Collection


    Longines Master Collection


    Enter the world of Longines and get acquainted with the classic elegant timepieces of this Swiss luxury brand. Do you want to make an appointment to view Longines models? We will be happy to get the watches ready for you.

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