GASSAN stands for diamonds, jewellery and luxury watches. The GASSAN brand represents craftsmanship, proven quality and reliability for over 70 years.

The unique thing about GASSAN Diamonds is that you can create your own jewellery. You choose a setting and a cut and your customised jewellery can be ready within 30 minutes. The unique GASSAN 121 ® diamond in particular is often a preferred choice for this.

For over 400 years, diamond cutters have been perfecting the art of the cutting craft. The family-owned GASSAN Diamonds continues this tradition and we are proud that the breathtaking cut, GASSAN 121 ®,with its one hundred and twenty-one facets, will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year. After years of research done by Steve Bierman, a new breathtaking diamond cut with 121 facets has finally been designed, which gives it its flawless reflection. Compared to the traditional brilliant cut, the GASSAN 121 ® has 16 extra facets on the top and 48 extra facets on the bottom. This produces an unrivalled brilliance, in other words: perfect beauty.

According to a report by the WTOCD (part of the High Council of Diamonds in Antwerp), the additional facets enhance the contrast between the light and dark parts in the diamond, giving the GASSAN 121 ® its spectacular appearance. With this cut, GASSAN Diamonds adds a fifth ‘C’ to the 4 ‘Cs' of diamond valuation, namely the ‘C’ of Confidence. This ‘C’ guarantees the quality and authenticity of the cut. The name of the cut is laser-inscribed in the girdle of the GASSAN 121 ®. GASSAN Diamonds therefore holds a worldwide patent for this cut.

The anniversary will be a grand celebration with special collector's pieces. GASSAN has, in collaboration with jewellery manufacturers Schaffrath, created an exclusive necklace in 18-carat pink, yellow and white gold. In the middle is a stunning GASSAN 121 ®. The Liberté setting is the focal point of the necklace and its design. All this contemporary designed 18-karat gold jewellery features the stunning GASSAN 121 ®, which can move freely due to the unique setting in the jewellery. The Schaffrath firm holds the patent on a free moving diamond setting. The necklace design is inspired by the 48 extra facets GASSAN has added to the bottom, pavilion, of the brilliant cut which has served as the basis for the GASSAN 121 ®.

GASSAN, a brilliant choice.

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