Opening vernieuwde Rolex Boutique & Novelties event

Opening of the Renovated Rolex Boutique & Novelties Event

Last weekend, the opening of the renovated Rolex Boutique took place. GASSAN also took this opportunity to showcase the latest Rolex novelties to its guests.

The event began on Friday, and throughout the weekend, we were delighted to welcome our GASSAN members.

The renovated Rolex Boutique was the shining centerpiece on both days, providing a beautiful setting for the reception.

Speciale dank aan de partners van het Rolex-evenement bij HOUSE of GASSAN: Ron Gastrobar, die het hele weekend culinaire hoogstandjes serveerde onder de bezielende leiding van chef-kok Bas Brouns; BLCK, de beste koffie- en Special thanks to the partners of the Rolex event at HOUSE of GASSAN: Ron Gastrobar, which served culinary delights throughout the weekend under the inspiring leadership of chef Bas Brouns; BLCK, the best coffee and barista maker in Amsterdam; Taittinger Champagne; Looping Ice Boys; and DJ Jeroen Hermans, who enlivened the event with summer tunes. van Amsterdam; Taittinger Champagne; Looping Ice Boys; en DJ Jeroen Hermans, die het evenement opluisterde met zomerse tunes.