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Jewelry lasts for years and can be passed on from generation to generation, that’s what makes it so special. Yet a new season means new trends, also in jewelry. These are the biggest trends of the moment.

Necklace Chain Large White Diamonds

A basic shirt, a classic blouse or a summer dress; a chunky gold necklace gives every outfit a fashionable touch. It also matches perfectly with the streetwear fashion trend. Wear one chunky gold chain as a statement piece, like Debora in this picture, or combine it with different necklaces.

Bracelet Chain Large White Diamonds

The Bracelet Chain Large White Diamonds Bracelet of Yellow Gold matches perfect with the stylish juwellery wardrobe of Choices by DL.

Customizable Name Bracelet

Personalized jewelry has been one of the most important trends for quite some time. The interchangeable Choices by DL jewels fit in perfectly. The base, (color) stones and the frame are easy to change. The possibilities are endless and the jewels can match every outfit or occasion. With an engraving or the name or initials of a loved one, a jewel becomes even more personal. The new Customizable Name Diamond Heart Bracelet by Choices by DL can be ordered with any combination of letters. In addition, as with all jewels of the brand, various parts are interchangeable, so that the bracelet can be worn always.


The collection of our new high-end brand TROPHY BY GASSAN is full off next level chunky jewelry. Beautiful items like Cuban link necklaces and bracelets can be completely customized. White, yellow or rose gold and with or without diamonds; the options are limitless.


We express our personality with jewelry. The differences between genders are becoming less and less important and that also shows in these jewelry trends. Women wearing a men’s watch or a signet ring is already normalized, and bracelets are also becoming gender-free. This summer, leather bracelets with gold or silver details are on the wrists of both men and women.

GASSAN75 Pearl Earrings with GASSAN 121

Pearls are an all-time favorite and can be combined with different types of jewelry. Pearls no longer have to be perfectly round. Different sizes, structure and natural colors and shapes give a modern touch.

GASSAN75 Pearl Necklace

This necklace from our GASSAN 75 year collection in honor of our 75th anniversary combines round pearls with naturally formed pearls. The initials on the necklace can be customized.

Choices by DL Classic Bangle Small Mother Of Pearl

The Classic Bangle Small Mother Of Pearl Bracelet of White Gold matches perfect with the stylish juwellery wardrobe of Choices by DL. As well the color stone, the frame, as the base are interchangeable. This allows you to make infinite combinations with our exclusive 18 carat gold jewellery. It results in an ultimate flexibility in the jewellery wardrobe of Choices by DL.

Bangle Base Customizable Name

Personalized Bracelet with the names of your loved ones

Choices by DL Ajour Diamond Pendant

A statement piece like this necklace with an ajour (open-work) pendant by Choices by DL can be worn separately or in combination with necklaces of a different length. Combine a statement piece with an understated outfit, like Gytha in this picture so the jewel stands out even more.

GASSAN75 Bracelet

The GASSAN75 Bracelet is made of 18 carat Rosé Gold & 18 carat White gold. This jewel has a diamond with 12,62 carat with the following description: G / SI.

Choices by DL Diamond Hoops with Diamond Domes

Hoops - large round earrings - are hot. These large earrings were very popular in the nineties and early 2000s and they are making a comeback. You can wear them separately, but they can also be combined with small earrings, as a so-called ear party.

Choices by DL Lxry Piercings

In the photo Gytha wears the LXRY Piercing from Choices by DL next to the large hoops.