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Choices by DL

Jewelry Wardrobe in a Box Choices by DL is ook being heralded as "a jewelery wardrobe in a box '. And for good reason: using a beautifully simple system, you can choose gold color preference and Vary the stone color you require, instantaneously. Each piece of jewelery is created from three elements-which are interchangeable and independent from eachother. White, Yellow and Rose Gold The core of the jewelery (ring / bangle etc) are available in a choice of white, yellow or rose gold. The frames are oversupplied as a set-including white, yellow and rose gold. The colored stones are provided as a set of six different pieces, in the Choices by DL box.

Easy Mix and Match Jewelry A Simple and convenient system Because withthis instant mix and match system, you can Customise your jewelery to match absolutely any outfit you can imagine. Choices by DL in the Media Magazines zoals Elegance, Beau Monde, Jackie, Telegraph, Millionaire and L'Officiel have already contained substantialism editorial Concerning Choices by DL. WOW ... Let's Mix and Match ...: