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Bracelets are popular jewelry because they can complete an outfit. GASSAN offers many types of bracelets from various brands. On the website you can easily view and compare our offer. If you prefer to fit the bracelets, visit one of our Boutiques. We offer various top brands such as Chopard, Choices by DL, Chaumet and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. You can choose from various gold, silver and rose gold jewelery and we also offer other metal types such as steel.

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Bracelet with diamond

At GASSAN we offer different bracelets in which a small diamond is incorporated. This diamond provides a beautiful sparkle while moving your wrist. The diamonds are of excellent quality, making them last a lifetime.

Ladies bracelet

Ladies bracelets are often more subtle than those for men. These jewelery for women are a bit narrower and in many cases have a diamond. Like the jewelery for men, the ladies bracelets are available in many types. For example, at GASSAN you can choose a gold copy, but also a bicolor bracelet.

Unisex bracelet

Unisex bracelets are jewelry that can be worn by both men and women. These jewels are a bit tougher, but not too big. Schaffrath is one of the many brands with a wide range of unisex bracelets.

Men's bracelet

Nowadays more and more men wear bracelets. These are often more robust and sturdy than women's bracelets. This jewelry completes the outfit.

Order bracelet

At GASSAN you can easily order your bracelet online. We aim to ship your order within 24 hours so that you can wear your jewel as soon as possible. Do you want to combine your bracelet with other jewelry? GASSAN offers various rings, earrings and necklaces. You are welcome in our Boutiques, so you can try your bracelet or answer any questions you may have.