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Engagement rings

Find the suitable engagement ring. An engagement ring symbolizes eternal love. This must therefore be perfect to make the proposal even more beautiful.

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Buy an engagement ring

An engagement is one of the most beautiful moments in your life. You are sure you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner and want to seal this love with a marriage. Now you are only looking for the perfect engagement ring. At GASSAN we offer different types of engagement rings. Choose the style that best suits her other jewelry to form a beautiful whole.

Diamond engagement rings

Our engagement rings feature the best quality diamonds. But why are diamond rings so popular? This is because the diamond is seen as a symbol of eternal love, and is therefore often used in engagement and wedding rings. In addition, the pure diamond is a real eye-catcher. The shape in which the diamond is cut determines the light and the sparkle of the diamond.

White gold engagement rings

The white gold color is the most chosen precious metal today for both wedding and engagement rings. This color is timeless, modern and contributes to the diamond's main task: to sparkle when the light falls on it. You can choose from both 14- and 18-karat white gold engagement rings.

Yellow gold engagement rings

Despite the popularity of the white gold rings, yellow gold rings remain in demand. The yellow gold color, like the white gold, is seen as the symbol of love between two partners. The gold engagement rings offered by GASSAN are made of high quality 18 carat yellow gold.

Rose gold engagement rings

The rose gold engagement ring is perfect for those with warm undertones. When you choose a rose gold engagement ring it will accentuate the natural beauty of the warm skin tone.

Design the perfect ring

Do you have a design in mind, but you cannot find it in our offer? Then you can easily design your desired ring. You can add the diamond size yourself, making the ring completely unique for the perfect marriage proposal.

Customer Service

Do you have any questions about our engagement rings or would you like to admire them in real before you make a choice? Feel free to contact us or visit one of our Boutiques in Amsterdam. You can easily make an appointment for this online. We are happy to present your favorite bracelets to you, so that you can make a well-considered choice.