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Here you can find all information about the rich history of our family business

GASSAN stands for diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches. The brand GASSAN represents a family owned business, craftsmanship, proven quality and reliability for almost 75 years. The company was founded by ‘Grandfather’ Samuel GASSAN in 1945 and its core business at that time was the polishing of diamonds.


Next to polishing diamonds, today’s core business is to educate visitors from all over the world about the famous four C’s (carat, color, clarity and cut) that together determine the final value of each diamond.  GASSAN adds a fifth C, of Confidence. We love to share our knowledge and passion by indulging our guests in the magical world of diamonds. We offer the ultimate possibility of personalizing and customizing diamond jewelry by offering innumerous choices and possibilities. Our skilled goldsmiths will set the chosen diamond into the selected setting in just 30 minutes.

At GASSAN there are diamond polishers at work 365 days a year who can show you the trade

GASSAN is the official dealer of more than 20 of the world's most prestigious jewelery brands and more than 60 of the world's most exclusive watch brands. These different brands are sold in the GASSAN stores. GASSAN is also very proud to present the 'more than brilliant' cut, GASSAN 121 and the ultimate 'mix and match jewelry', Choices by DL. Both collections are designed, developed and manufactured in-house, as are our other own brands: TROPHY BY GASSAN, GASSAN pre-owned and GASSAN Fine Jewelry by GiGi.

Family Enterpise

Samuel Gassan dies at the age of 73 on 4 july 1982, and his grandsons Benno and Guy Leeser become the new owners of the company. Benno ,maries Kitty Weers later that year. David Bijlsma, Kitty Leeser’s sons, joins GASSAN Schiphol in 1989. Benno and Kitty’s daughter Debora Leeser joins GASSAN Diamonds in 2005. As part of a business succession strategy, Benno Leeser acquires the shares of his brother Guy in 2011 and becomes the sole owner of the company.

GASSAN Diamonds was founded in 1945 by grandfather Samuel Gassan.

During the celebration his 60th birthday in 2015, CEO Benno Leeser announces the handing down of the first 10% of the company’s shares. Debora Leeser and her half-brother David Bijlsma both receive 5% of the shares as the first step in the process of handing down the ownership of the business to  the 4th generation. In 2013 GASSAN Diamonds has been named as the Best Family Business in the Netherlands, a prestigious award from the Family Enterprise Foundation.

GASSAN, a brilliant choice