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Allow us to introduce ourselves We look forward to welcoming you and your esteemed guests at GASSAN Diamonds!

GASSAN is a family owned business, founded in 1945 by Samuel GASSAN in the heart of the Amsterdam diamond quarter. Now into the fourth generation, GASSAN has built a unique reputation for authentic craftsmanship and exquisitely cut diamonds. Presently, GASSAN Diamonds is located in one of the most iconic and historic buildings of the diamond city of Amsterdam: a beautifully restored, originally steam-fuelled diamond-cutting establishment. Here at Gassan Diamonds,  different tours are organized. Visitors can watch diamond cutters practice their craft showing craftmanship coming to live, while multilingual guides explain where diamonds are found, and how rough diamonds are transformed into dazzling brilliants. 

There are many different ways to experience Amsterdam as a true diamond city

Discover the history of the diamond industry on the free Diamond Experience tour, when guides will lead guests through the historic diamond factory and tell you all about carats, colors, clarity, facets and our own GASSAN 121 cut. GASSAN also offers a VIP tour of the diamond factory as well as the in-house Rolex Boutique, accompanied by a glass of champagne. There will be opportunities to ask questions to our certified Rolex watchmakers, and guests will receive a unique Rolex gift bag when leaving. Or guests take a seat behind the grinder for the Diamond Polishing Experience, where they will be able to apply the latest facets to their very own diamond!

Parking for coaches/cars is available on site during the visit. We also have our own dock for canal boats. This creates the perfect opportunity to combine a canal tour either before or after a visit to our premises.

Diamond Experience Tour

Learn everything about diamonds with the important 4C's.


Discover the world of the famous Swiss watch brand: Rolex

Diamond Polishing Experience

Finalize your own diamond cut

Customized arrangements

GASSAN aims to provide the best possible service, and is happy to create individual experiences for its customers and business partners. An organized VIP tour, including transport to and from the diamond factory by one of our drivers, is among the possibilities. Let us know your wishes and we'll put together the perfect arrangement for you!


With 75 years of craftsmanship, GASSAN specialises in transforming uncut diamonds in to beautiful jewelry. Everything from rings, colliers and earrings to much more. Anything is possible at GASSAN! Our guests can start by learning everything about determining the value of a diamond on our Free Diamond Experience Tour, where our tour guides will tell the guests all about the important 4Cs of a diamond.

The 4C's - The properties of a diamond

Carat, color, clarity and cut, these four quality criteria together determine the value of a diamond. Our specialists are often asked which of the four C’s is the most important. We are convinced it is the cut. The color, clarity and size of each and every rough diamond is determined by Mother Nature. But ultimately, the skilled hands of our master cutters are the tools needed to turn a rough diamond into an absolute masterpiece. The perfection of a diamond depends solely on the precise polishing of facets, allowing an optimal game of light between the facets. A diamond of the highest color and clarity is nothing but a dull and boring stone, if it is not expertly polished, and that is what makes our diamonds true pieces of art.


Create your own Diamond Jewelry

Guests can also design their own diamond by following a few steps. Start with a setting and then add a stunning diamond of their choice to create a unique piece. GASSAN has a wide range of cuts and settings to choose form, including our own patented cut: the GASSAN 121. Once the guest has chosen the perfect setting and cut, our in-house goldsmiths will immediately begin creating a completely unique design. Meanwhile the guests can wait for their special piece while enjoying a glass of champagne. Upgrade Policy : For the purchase of loose diamonds and those set in classic pieces, we offer a 100% return price of the loose stone, as stated on the current receipt and diamond certificate. Upgrade to a larger diamond and pay only the price difference. You must pay at least 50% of the price of the first purchase on top. Guests can ask one of our friendly staff for more information.

More than diamonds!

GASSAN is not only known for diamonds. You can also visit GASSAN Diamonds for the highest quality watches and jewelry. In the refurbished Boutique on the ground floor of the GASSAN Diamonds factory, we offer you a high-end shopping experience. The Boutique showcases the very latest collections of watch brands, such as IWC, Breitling, CHANEL, Chopard, Jaeger-LeCoultre, TUDOR, TAG Heuer and Gucci. You will also find high-quality jewelry collections from brands such as OLE LYNGGAARD, Pasquale Bruni, Leo Pizzo, Chaumet and Al Coro, as well as our own brands, such as GASSAN 121, Choices by DL and by GiGi. Discover our extensive collection and preorder your preffered product!

Rolex Boutique

The Rolex Boutique, located on the ground floor of GASSAN Diamonds, displays an extensive collection of Rolex watches. GASSAN has established a long-term relationship with Rolex as one of the market leaders in the Netherlands in Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie. Since the early 1970s, GASSAN has been selling the well-known Swiss watch brand at Schiphol Airport, and in 2006 GASSAN opened the doors of one of the first Rolex Boutiques to be owned by a retailer other than Rolex, at an airport outside Switzerland.

GASSAN offers a Tax Free service in partnership with Global Blue

GASSAN offers one of the highest tax refund rates in Europe. A purchase of €50 or more entitles you to a refund of 16%, to be claimed at the airport. The tax refund is subject to Global Blue's refund terms and conditions. For customers living outside the EU, we offer the inclusive VAT price and GASSAN will refund the Dutch VAT to the customer once the customer has received the item.

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