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GASSAN Diamonds B.V. Cookie Notice is the website of the companies of GASSAN Diamonds B.V. and Amsterdam Diamond Center B.V., the latter also trading under the name of GASSAN Dam Square (hereinafter jointly: “GASSAN”). On its website, GASSAN uses cookies and similar technologies. This Cookie Notice is to inform you of what cookies are, why cookies are being used, and what cookies are installed.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are installed on the computer or any other peripherals (such as smart phones or tablets) of a visitor when they visit a website. Cookies contain information that can be read out by the party installing the cookie. We use first-party cookies (cookies that are installed by us) and third-party cookies (cookies installed by third parties).

GASSAN also uses technologies similar to cookies, such as web beacons and link tracking. Web beacons track whether you view or have viewed a specific web page or email. Link tracking means that certain elements are added to a URL, so that we can recognise you when you click through from our emails to the Website. Hereinafter, cookies and similar technologies will jointly be referred to as "Cookies".

We offer you the option to accept or reject Cookies (with the exception of functional cookies). You may also adjust your web browser settings to reject Cookies. Please be aware if you do this that you may not be able to make full use of our website.

2. Types of Cookies

GASSAN uses the following types of Cookies:

  • Functional Cookies. These are Cookies that are necessary to provide you with the requested services, for example to remember what you have placed in your shopping cart, so that you do not need to log in every time, and to spread the load on the Website evenly.
  • Analytical Cookies (first-party and third-party). These include Cookies that analyse and identify the use of the Website, such as the number of visitors and the pages viewed, to help us improve the quality and/or effectiveness of the Website. These Cookies only have a minor impact on your privacy. This category also includes affiliate Cookies, which track which advertisement leads to the purchase of a specific product, so that the party displaying the advertisement (the affiliate) can receive a reward from the advertiser. The statistics and other reports do not identify individual persons.
  • Tracking Cookies (first-party and third-party). These are Cookies that are used to record your browsing behaviour, based on which we (or third parties) can make you personalised offers and show you content that is relevant to you. We not only do so via the Website, but also through advertisements that are displayed. Rejection of tracking Cookies does not mean that you will no longer see any advertisements. It just means that the advertisements will no longer be customised to your personal preferences and interests.

Below is a list of the Cookies that we use, including the purposes for which they are used and the third parties involved:

Functional Cookies:

  • user_preferred_ gebruikt language - Used to save a visitor's preferred language. Duration: 1 year
  • cookies_settings - Used to save a visitor's cookie settings. Duration: 1 year
  • wishlist - Used to save the product numbers on the wish list of a visitor without an account. Duration: 1 year
  • cart_reference - Used to save the unique reference number of the current shopping cart. Duration: 1 year
  • lanuage_nudge_shown - Used to avoid having to display the language nudge on the home page again Duration: 1 year
  • recently_viewed_products - Used to save the last 5 items viewed. Duration: 1 year
  • paymentData Sessie - Used to save information about your payment during checkout. duration: session
  • order_id Sessie - Used to save the ID created for your order during checkout. duration: session
  • payment_methods Sessie - Used to save the payment methods retrieved from Adyen. duration: session
  • tour_booking Sessie - Used to save completed data for a tour booking so that you can continue after an error or refresh. duration: session
  • order Sessie - Used to save completed data in checkout so that you can continue after an error or refresh. duration: session
  • Zendesk: This Cookie makes the chat functionality available. domain:– duration: 6 days

Analytical Cookies:

  • _ga: Used to distinguish users. domain: Google Analytics - duration: 2 years
  • _gid: Used to distinguish users. domain: Google Analytics - duration: 1 day
  • _gat: Used to limit the number of requests. domain: Google Analytics - duration: 1 minute
  • __gads: Cookie installed on the local domain and used for measuring, reporting, frequency capping and forecasting purposes. This Cookie cannot be read out by Google. domain: Google Analytics - duration: 2 years
  • dc_gtm: Used to limit the number of requests. domain: - duration: 1 minute
  • gac: Used to remember the online marketing campaign from which the site is accessed. domain: - duration: 90 days
  • Hotjar: Used to monitor scrolling and clicking behaviour to identify any issues within the site, so as to improve the user experience. domain: Hotjar - duration: session
  • APISID: Cookie that makes transparent which media deployed by Google Ads are effective. This is also the basis for settlement with the online media partner. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • bld: Installs a browser-specific ID to identify a new backup click in the same browser. domain: - duration: 1 year
  • aw*****: Used to measure conversions in which an Awin publisher has been part of the customer journey. domain: - duration: 1 year
  • fbq: Used to measure conversions in which Facebook has been part of the customer journey. domain: - duration: 180 days

Other (tracking) Cookies and social media plugins:

  • Facebook Pixel: This pixel and Facebook Cookies collect information on how a user uses the website. This information is used on Facebook to display the advertisement that is most relevant to a specific user. Facebook uses these data for its own advertising purposes. domain:
  • Datr: Used to identify browsers, to enhance the security and integrity of the Website, including account recovery, and to identify possible stolen accounts. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • Campaign_click_url: Used to remember the Facebook URL on which a visitor lands when clicking an advertisement linking on to Facebook. domain: - duration: 30 days
  • Fr: Delivery and measuring of advertisements, and improvement of their relevance. domain: - duration: 90 days
  • AID: This Cookie links your activity on devices on which you previously logged into your Google account. This is done to coordinate the advertisements displayed to you on different devices and to measure conversions. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • SAPISID: Cookie that helps Google collect user information for videos hosted by YouTube. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • ANID: Displaying advertisements on other websites. domain: - duration: 2

Rolex Section
While navigating on the Rolex section of our website, you may interact with an embedded website from In such case, Terms of Use, Privacy Notice and Cookies Policy of are solely applicable.

We use our best efforts to keep this information up to date. However, should you find a Cookie that is not in this list, please report it to us by email to

3. Consent

If you visit our website, we will request your consent to the use of Cookies, giving you the option to accept all Cookies or to indicate your preferences for personal and analytical Cookies.

4. Withdrawal of consent/deletion of Cookies

You may at all times use the 'Cookie settings' at the bottom of each page on the Website to indicate that you do not wish analytical or personal Cookies to be loaded and to withdraw any consent that you may have given previously. If you do so, only functional Cookies will be installed.

Furthermore, you may at all times withdraw your consent by deleting all Cookies in your browser and/or adjusting your browser settings so as to reject Cookies. Blocking or deleting Cookies may mean that you cannot make, or cannot make optimum, use of certain elements of the Website. When deleting all Cookies, "do not track" or "opt-out" Cookies may be deleted, so that you will be requested to give your consent again.

5. Privacy Policy

The information collected through Cookies or otherwise read out may contain personal data, such as your IP address. In such event, the processing of those personal data will also be governed by GASSAN's privacy notice.

6. Amendments to this Cookie Notice

GASSAN reserves the right to update this Cookie Notice from time to time, for example in the event of amendment of the cookie regulations. Any amendments will be published on the website. It is advisable to check this Cookie Notice for amendments on a regular basis. At the bottom of this Cookie Notice, you can see when this Cookie Notice was most recently updated.

This Cookie Notice was most recently updated on 25 October 2021.

7. Questions

Should you have any questions regarding this Cookie Notice, please contact us by sending an email to