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Discover the world of My GASSAN

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Enter the brilliant world of My GASSAN and enjoy exclusive privileges. With the launch of My GASSAN we offer our customers a membership full of unique benefits and additional services. We treasure special moments, offer excellent assistance, know about the latest trends in jewelry and watches and we provide memorable experiences. As a GASSAN member we can give your GASSAN experience the perfect shine.

Enjoy our unique priviliges

Special privileges that can grow with your status as an exclusive customer

With the GASSAN Membership, a visit to GASSAN is even more personal and exclusive

Our customers are already used to our top service and personal approach. With the GASSAN Membership we want to take this one step further and offer the GASSAN experience at any time - offline and online - making us even more personal and exclusive.

The Membership is linked to an online My GASSAN account. Here you can find your Membership status and your personal privileges, which you can redeem at any time. Besides all the mentioned benefits and extra services, the Membership also has practical advantages. You can enter your details and preferences, so that we know what your wishes are and we can advise you in the best way – offline and online. Furthermore, in the online My GASSAN environment it is possible to find an overview of your previous purchases. You can also store your warranty certificates and gift cards, so that you have all your documents safely in one place. 

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