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For generations, the diamond cutters at GASSAN Diamonds in Amsterdam have been working to perfect the brilliant cut. With the GASSAN 121 diamond, they have finally succeeded. Whereas a brilliant cut derives its symmetry from its 57 facets, our diamond cutters have succeeded in adding another 16 facets to the top and another 48 facets to the bottom of the diamond, taking the total to 121 facets: a cut that produces an unrivaled, perfectly shimmering diamond.


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GASSAN Diamonds

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Cut with unique brilliance

The GASSAN 121 diamond is known for its beautiful brilliance, thanks to its extra facets. The 121-faceted diamond was introduced in 2005 and given the appropriate name GASSAN 121. This special cut is patented worldwide, which means that GASSAN is the only company in the world that can cut diamonds this way. The name of the cut is also lasered into every single 121 diamond. Because of their unique brilliance, these diamonds have now become the most popular range in our entire diamond collection.

From 4 to 5 C's

The 4 C’s are very famous in the world of diamonds, representing cut, carat, clarity and colour. The sum of these four properties will determine the value of a diamond. With its special new cut, however, GASSAN Diamonds has added a fifth C, for confidence. The spectacular appearance of the GASSAN 121, which it owes to its 64 extra facets between the dark and light parts of the diamond, requires great perseverance and confidence from the diamond cutters.

Discover the GASSAN 121 diamond

You can order our unique GASSAN 121 diamonds online, but you can also visit our headquarters in Amsterdam to marvel at them. We would love to give you a guided tour through our monumental building, introducing you to all the facets of diamond cutting and the history and origins of the diamond. You can also visit our gallery to admire the world’s most exclusive watches and jewelry. Naturally, we will also make time for the GASSAN 121 and will gladly present this remarkable cut to you. Click on the button bellow to make an appointment for our Diamond Experience Tour.

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View our GASSAN 121 diamonds

We would love to introduce you to our remarkable GASSAN 121 diamonds and our employees are always ready to present these diamonds to you. Make an appointment at the nearest GASSAN Boutique and be enchanted by the shimmering brilliance of the GASSAN 121.

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