Schaffrath Paradoxal
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In its High Jewellery Edition, Schaffrath presents splendidly sparkling gems, award-winning creations of outstanding beauty, created for unforgettable appearances and high-profile events. Be it for charity or gala events, weddings, exquisite cocktail parties, dinners or private viewings: these pieces of jewellery are much more than just a valuable accessory. They are an expression of the personality, individual style and uniqueness of the person wearing them. 

Every item in the High Jewellery Edition is totally unique, created with the most dedicated craftsmanship and with the utmost precision.

Bekijk hier de Paradoxal collectie!


The Paradoxal is a truly glamourous piece of jewellery that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. A dream ring, fascinating yet irritatingly beautiful, that captivates all those who lay eyes upon it, because they believe themselves to be seeing something that cannot be: the entire ring seems to be held together by diamonds alone. 68 cut diamonds and 16 natural brown diamonds line the rose gold ring band that is crowned by a huge, natural brown cut diamond. 

The Paradoxal is a masterpiece of high-end jewellery and so magnificent that it needs no further publicity. It speaks for itself. As do the women who wear it.