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New Rolex Watches 2024

With its latest creations, Rolex rejuvenates some of its most iconic models with a fresh new look
The watches of 2024 offer a unique harmony of materials, colors, and textures, showcasing the brand's continuous endeavor to evoke emotions in watchmaking while steadfastly maintaining top quality down to the smallest detail. Rolex's skilled watchmakers have worked with contrasts, achieving a harmonious balance between functionality and beauty, performance and luxury, and tradition and innovation."

Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II: An Echo of Emotions

"For the first time, the Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II is presented in Oystersteel with the Cerachrom bezel insert in grey and black ceramic, introduced in 2023. Its green 24-hour hand signifies much more than just an alternate time zone. It points to another location that resonates with the wearer—a reminder of the emotions accompanying every traveler."

Oyster Perpetual Day-Date: Harmony in Variations

Dials that gradient, ranging from blue-green hues to pearlescent white mother-of-pearl. Faceted, segmented Roman numerals and hour markers. A bezel adorned with trapeze-cut diamonds. The new iterations of the Day-Date epitomize the brand's enduring pursuit of rare and versatile expertise found in even the smallest details. Colors, materials, motifs, hour markers—each element contributes to the harmony of the new combinations.

Perpetual 1908: Elegance in Motion

The Perpetual 1908 is now available in 950 platinum with an ice-blue dial, a hue exclusive to Rolex watches in this prestigious metal. On this guilloché dial featuring a barleycorn motif, light reflects off the raised pattern, creating an array of reflections with every movement of the wrist. A watch of rare distinction, the new 1908 is a visual masterpiece that reaffirms its unique identity with elegance and finesse.

Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea: Light in the Deepest Darkness

The first Rolex deep-sea diving watch in 18kt yellow gold, the new Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea is cloaked in blue on its dial, its bezel insert, and its compression ring. Crafted from blue ceramic—a technical innovation resulting from a groundbreaking production process—this Cerachrom ring is adorned with a circular satin finish. Valuable and technical. Bright and abyssal. Majestic and innovative. This new version of the Rolex Deepsea is designed to shine in the depths of the ocean.

Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona: A Continuously Reinvented Icon

Rolex unveils two new versions of the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, featuring dials naturally contrasting in black and white mother-of-pearl, along with a bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds. These reinterpretations of the iconic watch achieve the perfect balance between precision and preciousness. Crafted from 18kt white gold, these watches inscribe a new chapter in the legendary tale of a model renowned for its abundance of variations, invoking the potential within each of us for continuous reinvention.

Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller: The Symphony of Reflections

Refined, technical, and distinctive, the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller in 18kt Everose or yellow gold is now available with a Jubilee bracelet. With variations in size and finish of the links, the 18kt gold Jubilee bracelet stands out for its abundance of reflections and harmonious shapes. Designed to enable weary travelers to quickly navigate their way, the Sky-Dweller reaffirms its elegance and delights the senses.

New Watches 2024

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