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  • Amsterdam - The Diamond City

    Amsterdam - The Diamond City

    Amsterdam has a rich history as diamond city. Amsterdam and diamonds belong together since the sixteenth century. A thriving industry originated in 1586 which in 1986 celebrated four hundred years of existence. Four centuries of craftsmanship have ensured that up to this date Amsterdam has been the trading center of the diamond industry worldwide.

  • The Brilliant

    The Brilliant

    A brilliant, with his 57 facets, is still the most popular cut in the world. Did you know that the brilliant cut diamond is developed in Amsterdam? This cut was also called the “Amsterdam Cut”.

  • Finalize your own brilliant cut diamond

    Finalize your own brilliant cut diamond

    During the exciting Diamond Polishing Experience you become acquainted with all the diamond facets. Would you like to apply the finishing facets to your own brilliant cut diamond? That is possible! The GASSAN diamond polishers are pleased to welcome you at our diamond factory.

  • The real tour begins!

    The real tour begins!

    The visit starts at the diamond polishing area where you learn everything about the Amsterdam Diamond History. First, the polisher will tell you the basic knowledge about the diamond while you may observe skilled craftsmen performing the amazing diamond cutting process. Afterwards, we will guide you to a showroom. Through a magnifying glass you can view the different shapes and learn more about the 4C’s – cut, colour, clarity and carat-weight. The 4C’s are essential for the price of the diamond. After this explanation, one of the master diamond polishers will assist you to finalize the brilliance of your diamond



    After this special experience you can enjoy a glass of champagne while you receive your beautiful diamond along with a certificate. In addition, your diamond can be mounted in a ring or pendant. The Diamond Polishing Experience takes approximately 3 hours and can be booked online via GASSAN for up to 4 persons.



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