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Enter the world of Rolex at GASSAN
GASSAN Diamonds is particularly proud of its Rolex Boutique, which includes a Rolex Service Centre where you can see the Rolex certified watchmakers at work. In order to get acquainted with this famous Swiss watch brand, it is possible to book an exclusive GASSAN VIP Tour for € 35,-. The VIP tour is free for children under 12 years of age.


Experience the exclusivity of the Rolex watches
During the GASSAN VIP Tour we will tell you all about the brand Rolex, its rich history and the Rolex watchmaker will explain the steps taken during a revision of a Rolex watch. In the Rolex Boutique you can obviously admire an extensive collection of the different models of the prestigious watch brand.

During the weekend your booking may be combined with other guests. This is due to limited availability on weekends. If this is not desired, we advise you to book during the week.

Take a look at the beautiful diamonds and extensive Rolex collection.

Experience the GASSAN VIP TOUR:


  • Welcome guests with a glass of Champagne
  • Extensive tour through the diamond factory from GASSAN Diamonds explaining diamonds, diamond cuts and the unique GASSAN 121
  • Opportunity to have your jewelry cleaned for free by one of our experienced goldsmiths in our own atelier
  • Visit the in-house Rolex Boutique
  • Rolex Service Workshop from a Rolex certified watchmaker
  • Receive a unique Rolex gift bag upon departure
  • History GASSAN

    History GASSAN

    Watch the diamond polishers at their craft, while the tour guide will tell all about the history of diamonds and the company.

  • Diamond polishers

    Diamond polishers

    You will be escorted by one of our guides to the cutting and polishing area. Here you will be able to see skilled diamond polishers at work while our guides will explain the process of transforming a rough diamond, into a dazzling brilliant cut, or our own exclusive cut the ‘GASSAN 121’ world patent of GASSAN Diamonds

  • Showrooms


    In our showroom you can see loose polished diamonds in various sizes and qualities such as our ‘GASSAN 121’ cut and GASSAN’s large collection of jewellery. You will receive a glass of champagne in the showroom

  • In-house workshop

    In-house workshop

    GASSAN Diamonds has an in-house workshop where jewellery is designed and settings can be adjusted.

  • Rolex Service workshop and Rolex Boutique

    Rolex Service workshop and Rolex Boutique

    Visit of the Rolex Service Workshop and explanation about the collection. Here you get the option to have the strap of your watch cleaned at no cost. After the tour you will receive a unique Rolex goodie bag.



  • Basisprijs: € 35
  • Korting: € 0
  • Totaal: € 35
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