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Worlds of Gigi by GASSAN 2023

Four different themes come to life in the brand-new collection of Gigi by GASSAN. They can enchant you and whisk you off to a dreamlike world; or make you shine like never before and add some glitz and glamour to your life. Whether you are looking for a statement piece somethijng more subtile, Gigi by GASSAN's new line had something special for everyone. 

Diamond Fantasy

If some extra glamour is what your looking or, the Diamond Fantasy collection is the perfect choice. Diamonds take center and the collection is contemporary and perfect for any occasion.

Rainbow Forest

The Rainbow Forest collection is inspired by the bright and vibrant colors of nature and features colorful earrings and eye-catching rings. A true feast for the eyes!

Midnight Sky

The Midnight Sky theme lets you shine like never before featuring jewellery with moons and stars. All pieced are easy to mix and match and are the perfect balance of elegant and sexy.

Lucky Love

The Lucky Love collection is specifically for those who love romance. And let's be honest, all you need is love.