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Interview Giselle Bijlsma - by GiGi

It's all in the genes! Granddaughter of GASSAN's President Director Benno Leeser, Giselle Bijlsma, launched her own jewelry brand by GiGi in 2019. Curious how she created her own brand and where Giselle gets her inspiration from? Read it here!

Would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Giselle Bijlsma and I am 19 years old. On February 14, 2019 I launched my own jewelry line, called by GiGi. As granddaughter of Benno Leeser and daughter of David Bijlsma, I have a great passion for diamonds, jewelry and the craftsmanship from an early age. That's why it was a dream come true to develop my own jewelry line.

How did you create your own by GiGi collection?
As I said, I have always had a great passion for jewerly. Like many girls, I always dreamed of my own clothing line. I have to thank my family for the opportunity they gave me to start my own jewelry line. I first started to write down my ideas and then I started drawing designs. From there the jewels were further developed.

Discover the by GiGi collection

Is there a new collection all the time?

Would you like to work at the GASSAN family company after your studies?

I would love to work at GASSAN after my studies. I think GASSAN is a wonderful company and has many opportunities for everyone. I don’t know yet what my role would be, but I hope to be an addition to the company.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Actually, I am constantly trying to see what girls and women wear the most at the moment. White, pink or yellow gold or just all mixed up? Do they wear a lot of jewelry at the same time or just a view pieces? I use Instagram for inspiration. I think it is important to try and follow the trends, but I do like to incorporate my own style. Nowadays, mix and matching jewelry is a popular trend. For my own jewelry line I think it important that you can mix and match, but that all items are equally beautiful separately from each other.

Your aunt, Debora Leeser, also has her own line of Choices by DL. Do you ever get together to brainstorm about new items?

My aunt Debora and I are very close and discuss everything.  She has a beautiful jewelry brand for almost twelve years: Choices by DL. If I want to brainstorm about new items or just want some advice about my designs, I always visit her. It is fun and at the same time very helpful to work together. We always come up with great ideas and the right adjustments.

What is your ambition with the by GiGi collection?

I hope people will wear my jewels with the same pleasure I have while creating the jewelry collection. I hope to grow with by GiGi and continue to develop beautiful pieces of jewelry and eventually to celebrate the 10th anniversary of by GiGi  with an exclusive collection. Just like my aunt did.

What is your favorite product from the by GiGi collections?