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Roaring mass of water on the rocky cliffs that make up the world-famous Rhine Falls. A few kilometers upstream, in Schaffhausen, the Rhine slides at a leisurely pace along the IWC workshop windows. Here, more than 140 years ago, the company began a story that is still being written today. At the tender age of 27 years, the American engineer and watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones had the deputy director and manager of the E. Howard Watch and Clock Co. in Boston, was a leading US watchmaker. At a time when most people are trying to find their happiness in their own city. Jones went in the opposite direction. His journey took him across the Atlantic to Switzerland, where wages are still relatively low. His plan was to combine the excellent craftsmanship of the Swiss with modern technology from overseas and his pioneering spirit to produce high quality watches for the US market.

It was then that Jones industrial Schaffhausen came from the name of Heinrich Moser. Currently, Schaffhausen already a long tradition timepieces. The first clock that was ever mentioned in the records, was created back in 1409 at the Rheinau Monastery, ten miles down the Rhine. It was produced for the Church of St. John in Schaffhausen. There are official documents of a watchmaker in the city since 1583, and it was also home to the famous Habrecht family of clockmakers, who built one of history's most remarkable astronomical clocks for the Strasbourg Cathedral. Yet it was Jones's plan to relatively large numbers of manufacturing high quality watches at home to the same tolerances exactly how these watches were made famous in Schaffhausen become necessary and all over the world.

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