GASSAN | Ryan Gravenberch
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19-year-old Ryan Gravenberch has had an amazing season. The talented midfielder who plays for Ajax was one of the key players for this year’s national champion. He has a true Ajax heart; he joined the club at the age of seven and made his debut in the first team squad at the age of sixteen. That makes him the youngest Ajax debutant and the club’s youngest player who scored of all time. This summer he joins the Dutch national team at the European Championship. We are proud to have Ryan Gravenberch as an ambassador for our new high-end brand TROPHY BY GASSAN.

You are an ambassador for TROPHY BY GASSAN. The brand translates the passion to be the best into iconic customized jewelry, which like a personal trophy, is a translation of the journey to success. What is your biggest Trophy moment?

“My debut in the Dutch national team. As a little boy I always looked up to the national team and I was really proud of myself when I first played in the orange shirt.

For me, the word trophy also stands for the beautiful things I have experienced in my career at Ajax and for which I have worked hard. Winning the Eredivisie title with Ajax this season is also a trophy moment for me, just like when I made my debut in the first team as the youngest player ever.”

Can you tell us something about your TROPHY BY GASSAN piece of jewelry?

“The number 8 plays a very big part in my jewelry. It is my favorite number and I have played with the number 8 all my life. I have my jewelry designed by TROPHY BY GASSAN because I have known the people at GASSAN for a while and I feel at home at the company. The first time I came to GASSAN was three years ago. I had just signed my first contract with Ajax and bought a watch. Since then we have kept in touch, it is a football-minded company and their jewelry and watches are top-notch.”

You started at the Ajax youth academy, you were named Talent van de Toekomst in 2018 and people call you one of Ajax’s key players. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

“I’ve been playing at the club since I was seven, so basically my whole life. At the moment Ajax is still the club that appeals to me the most. In ten years’ time, I would like to play for a major European club and hope to have won many prizes. But I only want to go abroad when I feel truly ready for it.”

When are you ready for a transfer?

“I would have to perform at a high level in the Eredivisie every week. I want to be more important for the team and want to be better at heading.”

Your brother Danzell who is eight years older than you, is also a professional football player and plays for Sparta Rotterdam. In February you faced each other in the pitch, what was that like?

“It was very special to play against my brother. I used to look up to him and now I am facing him in the field. He’s a striker and I am a midfielder. We have trained a lot together and know each other’s qualities. That makes it amazing and fun to play against each other.”

“It will be my first European Championship and I am sure it will be a fantastic experience for me.”

You come from a football family. You and your brother are professional football players and your parents both used to play football too. “That’s right, they were both midfielders at amateur clubs. My father helps me a lot and my mother also occasionally advices me on how I can do better.” Do your parents see to it that you live like a pro? “My parents are very relaxed. I am now at an age where I have to make my own choices and they give me a lot of responsibility.” The European Championship has just started. What do you expect from this tournament? “It will be my first European Championship and I am sure it will be a fantastic experience for me. I hope to play amazing matches.”