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Valentine’s Day 2022 : A gift that becomes a part of your legacy!

Family is forever and is of course of great importance to GASSAN, a true family business in heart and soul. The extraordinary thing about jewelry and watches is that they can be passed down from generation to generation, along with the memorable story’s behind them. With the GASSAN Valentine Collection you create an everlasting legacy. The collection consists of beautiful jewelry and watches from brands such as GASSAN 121, Messika, Choices by DL, Chopard, Ole Lynggaard, GASSAN Jewels and GASSAN pre-owned.

Surprise your partner with a beautiful gift that you can later pass down to your children. Or start building your own legacy by treating yourself to a jewel or watch!

View the entire GASSAN Valentine Collection here.


Start your legacy now! Surprise your loved one with a beautiful jewel or treat yourself to something special from the GASSAN 121 collection and you will have, what we like to call a forever piece. As the beautiful diamonds retain their value from generation to generation, the emotional significance grows. GASSAN even offers the possibility to trade in your diamond for one of greater value after an additional payment, several times over. This is why a diamond is not only an exquisite gift now, but is also a brilliant choice and beautiful gesture with a view to the future. It is not without reason that the saying goes: Diamonds are forever!

GASSAN pre-owned

GASSAN Pre-owned watches each carry a unique and personal story. The previous owner created many beautiful moments while wearing his or her watch, but now has found it time to make someone else happy with their special and highly sought-after item. Treat yourself or surprise someone special this Valentine's Day with a beautiful pre-owned watch, so that wonderful memories can be made again.


Valentine's Day is the day of love. How special would it be to incorporate the colours of love in a gift? The gemstones from the Choices by DL collection achieve exactly that and you can surprise your loved one this Valentine's Day with beautiful pink and red gemstones. Valentine's Day 2022 will surely be an unforgettable one!

Create the perfect Valentine's Day for your loved one together with GASSAN

Do you want to make Valentine's Day 2022 an unforgettable one? Follow these 3 steps and let GASSAN help you:

Step 1: Mix and match your outfit with stunning jewelry

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to look your best for one another. Express your love by going the extra mile on this meaningful day.

Step 2: Celebrate love, make it special and significant

Set the right atmosphere with a beautiful table setting and enjoy a delicious dinner together.

Step 3: Buy the perfect gift at GASSAN

Last but not least: End the evening on a high note. Surprise your loved one with a beautiful gift from GASSAN.


A special gift must of course be presented in a special way. The unique GASSAN Valentine gift wrapping service provides a next level gift experience. Your present comes with a pink box, GASSAN ribbon, heart seal stamp and a love note for your personal message. 

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