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Wedding rings sets

A wedding ring is a special jewel. It connects you and your partner for the rest of your life. It is therefore important that you stand behind the chosen rings for the rest of your life. The rings should be timeless and stylish, so you can enjoy them for years to come. When you and your partner have the same taste, you can opt for a wedding ring set. These sets consist of two rings that are matched to each other. The men's wedding ring is somewhat larger and wider, the women's wedding ring is narrower and often features a diamond. Do you both want a different kind of wedding ring? In addition to sets, we also offer separate wedding rings.

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Wedding ring sets white gold

White gold wedding rings have become increasingly popular over the years. These types of rings are the perfect combination between durability and style. Due to the palladium alloy, the gold wears less quickly. This ensures a long life of your wedding ring. We have a wide range of white gold wedding ring sets.

Wedding rings set rose gold

Rose gold wedding rings have the rosy color because copper has been added to the gold. These jewels contain the same amount of gold as the yellow gold models. View our selection of rose gold wedding ring sets with diamonds.

Wedding rings set yellow gold

Despite the emergence of white gold and rose gold, the classic yellow gold remains popular. In our range we offer wedding ring sets with and without diamonds. The traditional wedding rings from the GASSAN range are made of high-quality 18-carat gold. View the entire range of yellow gold wedding ring sets.

Wedding rings set bicolor

If you cannot choose between the different types of gold, you can of course also combine them. Combining different types of gold creates a unique jewel. The GASSAN range offers different bicolor wedding ring sets.