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Skagen Denmark is a Danish lifestyle brand offering authentic, high-quality products at accessible prices to design enthusiasts around the globe. Skagen Denmark has a distinct design DNA rooted in simplicity, natural elements and modern design. They are proud to bring the coveted Danish aesthetic to life through the beautifully curated collections. Each and every item we carry reflects our favorite qualities of traditional Danish design: Light, Pure, Clean, Tailored and Enhanced by Color. This mix of natural and modern design sensitivities is perfectly reflected in the collections, making them desirable function-driven objects for today, tomorrow and beyond.

For centuries, the little village of Skagen, Denmark, and its kilometers of white sandy beaches have been visited by artists seeking the magnificent light; artists who by the 19th Century had spread Skagen’s beauty on canvasses that today are traded at leading auction houses. It is here where the natural purity and beauty of Danish design found its unique qualities. The small village on the edge of the sea continues to be the inspiration for all Skagen Denmark products.