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Gassan Diamonds, traditionally a family business, is housed in a beautifully restored mill in the center of Amsterdam. This former steam-driven diamond cutters was built in 1878 and was 400 polishers the largest diamond in the world. Today, visitors can admire the art of centuries old craft of diamond grinding while there may be an explanation in 26 languages ​​about where diamonds are found and how to make a beautiful brilliant of a rough diamond. Gassan Diamonds has its own workshop where jewelery is designed and where diamonds can be put into beautiful jewelry.

For generations, the diamond polishers at Gassan Diamonds optimized the beautiful brilliance of a brilliant cut diamond. They worked on the symmetry of each of the 57 faces with only one goal in mind: perfect beauty. Naturally, the next generation diamond cutters will still dealing with the same purpose.

But Gassan Diamonds proudly presents the next step to perfection, a new breathtaking cut: the Gassan 121. With as many as 121 facets that cut is unique in its kind.

In comparison with the conventional round brilliant cut has the shape Gassan 121, 16 extra facets on the top and 48 extra facets on the bottom, creating a perfect brilliance, in other words perfect beauty. According to a report from the WTOCD (part of the High Council of Diamonds in Antwerp) the additional facets enhance the contrast between the dark and light areas in the diamond causing the Gassan 121 has a spectacular appearance.

We would like to invite you out to yourself to come and take a look over the shoulder of one of our diamond cutters while they are engaged in achieving the perfect beauty of the Gassan 121.

In the tradition of 425 years' Amsterdam City of Diamonds Gassan Diamonds provides a unique tour through history and you can see for yourself how the craftsmanship of our diamond cutters and goldsmiths the wonderful world of diamonds to life know.

The grinding shop is open 7 days a week from 09.00 to 17.00, throughout the year, and can be reached by bus, tram or by boat.

After the tour, you will always kindly invited to a (free) coffee, tea or a soft drink to come to drink their own coffee shop.

Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173-175,
1011 LN Amsterdam
The Netherlands